Cellulite is merely an aesthetic problem caused by the accumulation of fat tissue and visible as bumpy, uneven skin texture. This condition is perfectly normal and approximately 90% of all women in the world have it. Despite the fact that cellulite is unattractive and can cause a loss of confidence, […]

Some people tend to confuse treatment with cure. Treatment refers to a set of measures applied to a person suffering from a disease in order to reduce or relieve symptoms, prevent complications, or to restore to health (healing). That is, although it may lead to cure, treatment is not necessarily […]

Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cells usually occurring when normal cells undergo genetic mutation in a sustained manner and for prolonged periods. There is a failure on the part of the cells to stop dividing and growing and from undergoing a programmed death. There are nearly 200 different types […]

The long battle between alternative medicine and scientific medicine appears to be over with the appearance of complementary medicine. Complementary medicine tries to combine the best of both worlds by putting the health of the patient ahead of medical philosophy. The term “alternative medicine” refers to traditional and other methods […]